Norwood Out of School Hours Care strives to give you the best quality care for your children as well as to keep fee costs at an affordable level for parents. Fees are sessional and are outlined below, plus a comparison to what those on 100% Child Care Benefit Fee reductions pay. Please refer to Child Care Fee Concessions for information on how you can reduce the cost of your fees as shown in the second column.

Before School Care:
$ 12.50 Full, $6.20 100% CCB

After School Care:
$18.50 Full, $7.70 100% CCB

Pupil Free Days:
$44 Full, $6.15 100% CCB

Vacation Care:
$52 Full, $14.20 100% CCB

Cash Rebate of 50% out of pocket expenses applies to full fee payers and CCB Recipients.

If you would like costs for your specific situation, including estimates of childcare costs inclusive of the CCB reduction, please contact the service. We would be happy to help you with your enquiries.

Payment Options

Cash, card (Visa / Bankcard / Mastercard) or cheque payment may be made at OSHC. Card payment is also available over the phone, or you can simply have a regular amount debited from your card by signing an authorisation slip.

EFTPOS is available when paying at the service.

You can also transfer payment into our account via internet banking.

Child Care Fee Concessions

Many parents are entitled to Child Care Benefit fee reductions. The cost will vary depending on the percentage of your Child Care Benefit eligibility.

Families must provide the service with the following details for both the named Centrelink Account holder and their children who are attending the OSHC Service.

  • Customer Reference Numbers for the Account Holder and Children
  • Dates of Birth for all of the above

Space is provided on the Vacation Care enrolment form for these details. Please contact the Family Assistance Office on 136150 if you do not have these details.

Don’t forget that all registered families are entitled to a cash rebate of 50% out of pocket expenses regardless of eligibility for a fee reduction.