About Us

About Us

We believe:-

  • Each child is an individual and every effort is taken to encourage self assurance and confidence of those in our care.
  • All children should have access to quality child care which aims to reflect their special skills, talents, cultural values and individual needs.
  • Our role is to seek ways to support family life, to provide constructive play situations for children, and to generate creative ideas for leisure time.
  • Children learn through play which is essential to physical, intellectual, social and emotional development.

Family Involvement

We aim to:-

  • Make parents feel welcome at Norwood OSHC and to encourage them to have a good rapport with staff.
  • Give parents access to information about the Centre through policies, programs, newsletters and discussion.
  • Promote parental involvement in the Management of the Centre at whatever level they feel comfortable.
  • Encourage and respect parent’s ideas and input into the program through regular discussion and evaluation.
  • Keep parents informed of changes in current practice and policy.