Pupil Free Days

Pupil Free Day Fee $49.00

Norwood OSHC provides a range of activities and programs on school Pupil Free Days, operating from 7:30am to 6:00pm on these specific days.

Signing In


Each parent or guardian is allocated a pin number and must accompany and sign their child in upon arrival.

(this is a legal requirement; see OSHC Policy-Bookings/Cancellations for Before & After School Care).

Snack Time


After hand washing children are seated and served with a variety of nutritious snacks. Fresh fruit and vegetables are always included on our platters. Favourite snack items include spring rolls with Soy sauce, garlic bread, nachos, Pasta, homemade soup, watermelon and gourmet pizzas.

Parents need to supply both recess and lunch for their children on Pupil Free Days.

Supervised Activities


Our Educators supervise children with equipment and resources to engage in learning and creative activities which can including:

- Cooking
- Art and Craft
- Science
- Theme based Activities

Children have the opportunity join in planned or child led activities. Many children also find this an opportunity to relax and engage in social interaction with their friends and classmates, or even make new friends.

Group Time


These group discussions with children are used as a basis for programming each term. Our children discuss issues concerning OSHC and themselves personally including;
- behaviour,
- safety,
- bullying and
- hygiene.

Discussions have generated community involvement such as visits from the Animal Welfare League , a Dental hygienist, the Red Cross and Adelaide Uni Bacteriologists
Our ‘Garbage Busters’ group evolved from some children taking an active interest in environmental issues and resulted in our involvement in a pilot recycling program.

Free Play


Children have the option, equipment and resources provided to engage in free play and optional activities including:

- Construction and Board Games
- Dress ups
- Creative Play
- PlayStation
- Computer Games
- Games with sports equipment

Planned activities are also programmed on these days run by OSHC educators or external providers.

Relax, Explore, Learn

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